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Sufix 832 Ice Braid Fishing Lure, Ghost, 20-Pound


Daiwa J Braid Dark Green Fishing Line

50 yds. Sufix 832 Ice Braid Ice Fishing Line... the strongest, most durable small diameter braid on the ice today! Using special 8-fiber construction... 7 strands of Dyneema (the World's Strongest Fiber) and 1 strand of GORE performance fiber... Sufix 832 delivers the strongest small-diameter Line available today. The GORE performance fiber adds incredible fray and abrasion-resistance for unmatched durability. The Dyneema provides high strength and sensitivity, plus hydrophobic water-repellent protection that resists freezing. Your choice of line weights. State Line Weight. Order yours today! 50 yds. Sufix 832 Ghost Ice Braid Ice Fishing Line

Sufix Performance Glacier Blue Braid Ice Fishing Line is the best "ice braid" you will ever fish. Made with digital Y6 Braiding, it sheds water, resists freezing, stays flexible under extremely cold conditions and is super strong and ultra quiet.

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  • Tightly braided nylon ice fishing line
  • Coated to minimize moisture absorption and reduce freezing
  • High abrasion and shock resistance
  • Smooth texture to preserve tackle and gear
  • Color: Black
  • TUF-Line

Duel Hardcore Super 8 Braid Camo