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South Bend Economy 24" Ice Combo (Pbh)


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This 28” E-glass ice fishing rod has a high sensitivity for easy fishing. The backbone and handle of this ice fishing rod is pretty strong for secure hook setting. As you can see, the handle is slightly different than the most ice fishing rods handle. It has been patented for its design and features. Unlike most ice fishing rods, this one comes with a high price for it’s high-quality. The special ABS handle design has improved the sensitivity and allowed better reel positioning. Once you grab the Baitrunner Noodle ice Fishing Rod, you will feel it’s premium quality.

Berkley Lightning is one of the best ice fishing rods in the market for its rugged but lightweight fiberglass blank. This lightweight fiberglass blank offers a responsive and durable performance in a harsh environment. Despite the good fiberglass blank, this ice fishing rod comes with a very low price. The guide is intentionally oversized to keep it warm. The cork grips also come very handy to keep the fisherman warm with a comfortable handle. The graphite spinning reel comes with the ball-bearing drive, smooth front drag and either left or right convertible retrieve.

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    There are lots of other ice fishing rods available in the market. Ice fishing is different than typical fishing, and it requires you to have the best ice fishing rods to make the most out of it. The winter is very close, and you need to prepare for ice fishing. We will continue to update this list with more ice fishing rods. If you have any suggestions about best ice fishing poles, leave them in the comments section below.

    Ugly Stik GX2 is one of the best ice fishing rods available in the market. Ugly Stik GX2 is the upgraded technology of the Ugly Stik generation. While maintaining the traditional performance, it comes with better durability and functionality. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo is one of the best ice fishing combos you can find on the market. This ice fishing rod and reel combo will provide a lightweight graphite body reel with one ball bearing. The cold forged aluminum spool for better durability.