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The Eskimo brand has long been known for its high-quality ice fishing gear including everything from augers and rods, to clothing. They also make a great, rugged ice fishing shelter, with the Quickflip, and Eskape flip-style models ranging in price from $150 to $800. Eskimo’s pop-up/cabin Quickfish series tops out at around $300. One great thing about Eskimo shelters — both from safety and marketing standpoints — is their bright red color. They can be seen for miles, even in stormy weather.

Of the brands we researched, the most pocketbook-friendly, high-quality ice fishing shelter we found is made by Killzone. You can try the Igloo, for $200, or the Igloo XL for only $40 more.

FRABILL Inc. Ice Fishing Shelters, Parts and Accessories

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    Clam Jason Mitchell Thermal 5000 6-angler Ice Shelter

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    Clam Six Pack 1660 Mag Thermal Ice Fishing

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    Clam Fish Trap Yukon TC 2-person Ice Fishing

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    Eskimo QuickFish 3 Ice Fishing Shelter

Ice Fishing Shelters, Parts and Accessories

It’s difficult to tell just how popular lake ice fishing is, but judging by the increasing numbers of ice huts we see on the frozen waters around Michigan, the sport seems to be growing. Perhaps more people are doing it because it’s easier than ever to stay warm and comfortable when using a lightweight and airtight ice fishing shelter. Gone are the days when the cold weather angler has to drag a small condominium on skis behind a snowmobile for miles. When you think about it, the most important aspect of lake ice fishing is staying comfortable, so it follows that the most important piece of ice fishing gear should be your shelter. Now your ice fishing shelter doesn’t have to be your heaviest piece of gear, or your most expensive. Here’s your buyer’s guide to the ultimate lake ice fishing experience!

The sun creates a shadow by an ice fishing shelter set on Baker Lake on a frosty morning. Many fishermen take advantage of fishing local frozen lakes throughout the winter season and set shelters on the ice to keep warm