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In Siouxland, our ice fishing live bait choices are relativelysimple. It all comes down to wax worms and fathead minnows. That'sabout all the local bait dealers carry.

Whether buying new or digging through Grandpa’s old gear, get out on the ice this winter with one of these legendary ice fishing baits and bring home some fillets for dinner.

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“I found old baits in those tins and they still catch fish, too,” Chris told me. Talking with Chris got me thinking—some ice fishing baits have withstood the test of time. Here are four that have been catching fish for decades and still available in almost every bait store across the ice belt: the Jigging Rap, the Fat Boy jig, the Swedish Pimple, and the bucktail jig.

After his Grandpa passed away, Chris Granrud found all of his old ice fishing baits stored in Band-Aid tins. Granrud is an Ice Team Pro Staff angler and a professional guide at Rainydaze Guide Service on Rainy Lake out of International Falls.