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Fish Finder Camera 720P 2MP Underwater Video Fishing Camera System Kit 4.3 Inch LCD Monitor 12h Working Time 30m Cable for Boat,Kayak,Ocean,Ice,Lake Fishing


Micro View Ice Fishing Underwater Camera

It is always a good idea to locate your ice fishing hole around areas that are weedy or rocky areas that fish love to hide around. This is another important use for the ice fishing camera, so you will only have to find a good location for your ice fishing shack once.

To use your ice fishing camera properly you are going to need to make a smaller hole in the ice about two feet away from your main ice fishing hole. Lower your underwater camera to about the same level that your bait is going to be. Once the water settles you are going to want to point the camera at your bait and wait and watch the screen for some fish.

MicroView 7 Inch LCD Ice Fishing Camera System

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Aqua-VU Micro Ice Fishing Camera

The underwater ice fishing camera is a great piece of ice fishing gear if you can afford it. They usually retail for just under two hundred dollars and if that is withing your budget or your can sneak it past the wife then I would strongly suggest adding it to your list of ice fishing accessories.

The best ice fishing camera available will not only be durable, waterproof, and capable of capturing great images above and below the surface, but a blast to have along and distract you from otherwise boring time-killing strategies. The Aqua-Vu AV360 fits that frigid bill and more.