Hääräämö: Ice Fishing in Finland

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Ice fishing in Finland 16.2.2015

Ice fishing in Finland is to sit out in the white expanse of the country’s frozen, snow-covered lakes, watching for that tantalising tug on the line, waiting. You’ve walked out over the ice to your favourite spot, perhaps with a friend, and drilled a hole that you now huddle over, waiting. Out here in the middle of nowhere, with no-one else around, the silence rings in your ears at first, fresh snow settles around you, and your mind drifts meditatively away as you stare at the water’s surface, waiting.

When spring comes to Saimaa, along with the sunshine, it’s the perfect time to escape into the frozen beyond. You don’t need a licence to go ice fishing in Finland, but you can easily pick up an ice fishing rod very affordably, as well as other essentials like an ice drill or auger, in larger towns such as Mikkeli and Savonlinna which have both been established on the lake’s shoreline.

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