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before they were able to lurch it forth from the ice fishing hole

The winter season and cold weather bring with it sheets of ice that form over lakes and other bodies of water. In order to access those bodies of water for fishing, holes are drilled through the sheet of ice enabling anglers to fish through these holes. Anglers, however, experience a recurring problem of having the ice fishing hole refreeze.

The present invention pertains to maintaining an unfrozen hole in a sheet of ice over a body of water to enable ice fishing through the hole. More particularly, it pertains to an ice fishing hole heater.

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Various means and methods have been suggested to overcome this problem. An ice strainer, (a large spoon with a plurality of holes), has commonly been used to strain ice out of the hole to prevent refreezing. Other means have also been suggested such as attempting to provide heat to the hole to prevent refreezing. Unfortunately, the complexity, cost, and inconvenience of these solutions has limited their effectiveness and prevented their utilization. This fact is demonstrated by the unavailability of these types of products in the market as well as the continued use of an ice strainer to prevent the refreezing of ice fishing holes.

Other proposed techniques utilize a fluid circulation system, pumping fluid through a fluid passageway within a heated housing causing the fluid to become heated. This technique is disclosed in Manuel, U.S. Pat. No. 4,911,141 and Johnson, U.S. Pat. No. 4,739,747. The heated fluid is then directed into the ice fishing hole. Again, this type of a system is extremely complex to construct and therefore expensive to produce. These types of devices are also most useful to remove a reformed ice plug from the fishing hole rather than preventing freezing of the hole during use. An additional limitation of this type of device is that it generally calls for the placement of a heating container in the proximity of the ice fishing hole. This subjects the heating container to being knocked over and hence inconveniencing the angler in having to re-setup the apparatus.