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Drop Down Ice Fish House Frame - Ice Fishing Equipment

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Ice Fish House Hydraulic Frame Hybrid v-nose travel trailer offers a rear bay window, dinette with top bunk, large refrigerator, additional dinette and top bunk, water heater, three burner range, double kitchen sink, microwave, bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet, and plenty of fishing holes.

Video of hydraulic lift Ice Assault fish house frame.

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    Ok, So I am finally gonna bite the bullet and invest in a nice fish house frame to build my own custom fish house, I have the means and knowledge to get this done, I just want to hear some peoples thoughts on a quality frame. My 2 options at this time are 8 x 16 + V-nose crank up, 8×16 + V-nose Hydraulic. I want to hear some brands that you guys have used and liked. Thanks