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Eskimo Fatfish 949 Insulated Ice Shelter


Build your very own ice fishing shanty plans quickly and affordably!

Here’s a gallery of ten ice fishing shacks that I thought were cool, unique, or fun in their own right. After this. I swear, I’ll be off this ice hut tangent- well, except for possibly building one down the road….we’ll see…..

Shadow Hunter® 4x6' Shadow Shanty Ice Fishing Shanty. The shelter and stealth you need for comfortable, successful ice fishing!

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Portable ice fishing shanties are different than ice fishing houses. Ice fishing houses are more permanent structures that are typically built on the lake and left in place for the winter. Portable ice fishing shanties are easily moved and not usually intended to be left in place for the whole season.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous or try designing a custom ice fishing shanty, it isn’t hard to do on your own. Most home designed portable ice fishing shanty buildings can be made for under $100, especially if you already have some of the basic carpentry supplies around the house or shop. A pre-fabricated portable ice fishing shanty can cost significantly more than this with additional features all adding to the price of the final ice fishing shanty.