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Once you’ve chosen your ice fishing shelter, you’ll need the rest of your . If you’re a beginner ice fisherman, check out . If you want more tips and tricks for ice fishing (and fishing in warmer weather) visit our .

Cabin style ice shelters are truly unique as they come with a built-in floor. The added floor gives you a distinct advantage keeping warm as the floor shields from the ice, giving you a more comfortable experience. Cabin ice fishing shelters are more lightweight. They’re set up takes longer than hub and flip style ice shelters

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  • Protects your portable ice fishing shelter base

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    If you have multiple ice fishing holes then consider a flip door ice fishing shelter. They are specifically made for a quick set up and break down. This kind of ice fishing shelter will already hold your gear, once you’ve gone to your location you can just set up and put the shelter over your fishing area.

    Hub style ice shelters are portable and the internal framework makes it easy to pop into place. If the wind is blowing hard on the ice, it can be difficult setting up the shelter due to the lightweight material. Hub ice fishing shelters then have to be screwed into the ice, keeping it anchored down. So if you are the type of ice fisherman who checks on multiple ice holes then the hub ice shelter may not be for you.