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South Bend 5 Tine Fish Spear


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Dave has his own tool and die business where he also creates his spears. His skills in using metal machine tools are applied to designing and cutting the spear parts. Other steps in the process are done by hand. Dave is known for the quality, artistry, and precision detailing of his metalwork. Sometimes he collaborates with other artists to provide a finished spear with several decorative components, such as painted or wood burned handles, or decoratively painting the entire spear. One spear he made is painted like a muskie, another with a Lake St. Clair theme. Most of his work, however, is working spears, both time-consuming, better quality spears, and simpler production spears to meet varying needs. In addition to making spears, Dave has made some metal fish decoys and ice shanties. His office is a veritable ice fishing and spearing museum, with a collection of old, local spears, ice fishing decoys, mounted trophies from past fishing trips, and a few examples of his own spears surrounding the walls.

New laser cut 7 Tine Spear(Flat Tines) for Ice Fishing Fish Spearing. Powder coated, balanced and weighted. Local manufacture. Comes with rope and guard.

Ice fishing spear for spearing and spear fishing. Great for pike.

Ice fishing spear maker, Dave Pawlak, of Algonac, Michigan. Photo courtesy of Dave Pawlak.

Ice fishing spear maker, Dave Pawlak, of Algonac, Michigan

Always remember even though first ice is nice, safety is paramount (actually, ice is never completely safe). Ice conditions will vary on lakes and even bays on lakes. Shallow water lakes freeze over earlier and will feature good ice much sooner than other deeper lakes. Therefore, when looking for early ice to fish or spear, think small and shallow water.

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