Ice Fishing Floats Make A Curtain Call

JSHANMEI Hard ABS Snap-on Floats Fishing Tackle Red & White Push Button Float Bobbers (Pack of 25) (1 inch)


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Correct knot position for ice fishing floating jigs is important, since it affects the action of the floater. We slide the knot forward and down on the hook eye, causing the floating jighead to ride as naturally as possible, with the hook pointing up.

These Northland 4" Ice Fishing Floats are constructed from closed-cell foam to help you detect subtle strikes. Removable Super-Glo® cork-screw base clips to your line and unscrews from the float's body for fast, simple buoyancy adjustments without retying your line. Plus, with the trimmable foam design you can fine-tune buoyancy for maximum fishing action!

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Ice Fishing with Floats
You'll Catch More Fish I Guarantee It!
by: Nate Zelinsky
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I was introduced to the use of ice fishing floating jigs while fishing the mouth of the Thames River, Ontario. I don’t know who originated the system — only that the locals use it to great effectiveness in subtle current. Elsewhere on the Great Lakes, and in fact anywhere current may be a factor, I believe it has great potential to increase your ice-fishing success. After all, river anglers have long used the bouncing, dancing, wobbling effect of floating jigheads to trigger river walleyes in current. Why not similarly take advantage of this tempting motion under the ice?