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Ice Fishing for Arctic Char and Trout in Western Norway – ThorNews

We offer some of Ontario' best ice fishing for lake trout from our remote outpost cabins and from our main base cabins on Off Lake in Canada. Ice Fishing for lake trout on Pipestone Lake, Dogfly Lake, Manitou Lake, Panorama Lake, Slender Lake, and Loonhaunt Lake. Walleyes and crappies are also available for a change of pace. Inquire now for your choice of dates.

At Lake of the Woods, resorts cater to ice anglers fishing for trophy walleyes from heated shacks far out on the lake. It's located partly in Minnesota, and partly in Canada.

Ice Fishing for Channel Catfish

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    Northern Pike Ice Fishing
    So you found them, huh. Well how do we catch em? The most common way to ice fish for Northern Pike is by using Tip-ups. This ice fishing contraption is simple and effective.

    You can catch Northern Pike while ice fishing for any fish, however, because they’re known to eat almost anything. Even small jigs with meal worms may catch a Pike or two.