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Ice fishing some of the area lakes in northern ontario can be a lot of fun and relaxing. Ice fishing on Lake Temagami.
Lake Temagami also has excellent ice fishing that lasts from early January to middle of March. Take along your ice auger, or an ice fishing hut and fishing gear, and try your skills fish for lake trout, walleye, bass, northern pike, perch and whitefish can all be found in Lake Temagami. With an area of 20,243 hectares and a distance of 40 kilometres from end to end, the lake provides a great opportunity to try your hand at the ice fishing sport!

Employing presentation techniques and tactics similar to those used at Quartz Lake will work well at Birch Lake also. "Dead Sticking" or jigging small spoons or bait (salmon eggs or shrimp) on a light/medium action ice fishing rod both off the bottom and close to the surface will bring in the fish. Try fishing the natural points and steeper drop offs of the lake. Referencing where the congregations of ice huts are located will assist in knowing where to go. Most veterans of the lake that catch fish are setting up those stationary ice fishing huts in certain locations for a reason, they produce.

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Within the Central Region, stretches the famous Trent Canal. This continuous waterway winds diagonally from Trenton on Lake Ontario to Port Severn on Georgian Bay. It features the Kawartha Lakes - some of the best warm water fishing in southern Ontario. The Kawartha Lakes are renowned for their yellow pickerel, maskinonge, smallmouth and largemouth bass. In addition, they support large populations of panfish such as rock bass, yellow perch, sunfish and bullheads.

Generally, fishing in the Central Region tends to be rather crowded at certain times of the year especially in the spring. Most of the lakes and rivers are accessible by road. Facilities and services such as tourist resorts, motels, hotels, marinas and bait vendors are in ample supply throughout the region.

Ice Hut Registration details.

Ice fishing huts must be registered with the local MNR office if they are on any of the following waters:

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I went down to the RVCA park. Some of the men were there, concerned about their ice fishing huts. With the recent freeze, thaw, freeze, they were worried about their trailers and huts. Many were sitting crookedly in the ice. What I thought was cool, was that they were helping one another get their trailers back onto firm ice. The barrier was that some people had dug out test holes, which are important to avoid as you drive over. None wanted to take their 3-ton trucks across the ice. This man took his ATV, and was pulling another man's hut free.

FLAMING GORGE — A propane heater that was left running overnight in an ice fishing hut was the source of carbon monoxide that left a father and son dead.