Ice Fishing for Northern Pike with Tip-ups and Live Bait

Celsius Quickset Pike/Muskie Rig, Size 4


Haukipilkillä 2012 Ice Fishing northern pike in Finland - YouTube

Weeds are one of the best spots to ice fish for northern pike, though make sure the weeds are not so thick that pike will not be able to see your lure. Various structures can hold winter pike, too, including drop-offs, the edges of reefs and humps, and points.

Selecting the spot to ice fish northern pike takes some thought. You don’t want to just head out and start punching or chopping holes in the ice. At early ice, concentrate on areas where summer and fall weed lines were prevalent. The pike should still be in the area. Strategically cut your holes along the edge of weed lines where pike are known to strike.

Wisconsin, Racine Harbor - Ice Fishing For Northern Pike - YouTube

Ice Fishing for Northern Pike with Darter Head Jigs

Ice Fishing Northern Pike Ontario Canada

When choosing tackle to jig for Northern Pike you'll use the same types of lures used for Walleye, only bigger in most cases. There are two main types of lures jigged while ice fishing for Northern Pike. Flash spoons and swimming lures.