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: Ice fishing reports are coming in slow the past couple of days, mainly because a lot of folks have chosen not to fight the snow conditions. I've heard more than a little moaning and groaning about not being able to get around on the lakes. But, thanks to the resorters and rental operators that have been working hard to keep roads open, there are still some great opportunities.
Throughout the week, keeps popping up as the closest thing we have to a local "hotspot". All of the rental operators are plowing like crazy up there and there are now at least two roads heading out into the center bar area. Walleye action out there has been good and so far, every one of the rental operators are reporting that their customers are catching fish, some more than others, but everyone getting some. In case you don't find your way out into the middle, some of the fish are still coming from the shallow breaklines too, 6 to 8 feet of water has produced fish all week long.
The road system on has really improved and according to Froggy's, Perch action has been slow, but steady with most anglers catching 10 to 15 nice size fish each day. Best depths for Perch have been 16 feet or shallower.
On , anglers that are fishing on the main shoreline breaks have found the action slow. There are some "slot fish" coming in, but not many eater size fish lately. Fishing along the drop off edges on the main (Bena Bar), has been better. Out there you can put together a mixed bag of Walleye, Perch and a few Northern Pike. The Walleye and Pike are on the edges in 18 to 24 of water. Perch have been on the flats on both shallow and deep sides of the breakline. Drill some holes up on top in 14 to 16 feet and more out deep in 30 plus feet of water. If the fish are finicky, try grandpas old trick, just fish a live minnow on a plain hook and let the bait sit still. Better yet, dead stick in one hole and call them in with a jigging spoon in another one located nearby.
is still producing fish too, locations haven't changed so jump down the page to for more about that.
I know it's a little confusing trying to work around the conditions and figure out good places to go. But I see so many good folks working overtime to keep anglers in the action that it's made me really encouraged. If you want to fish, I am positive that there are places to go. If you need some help, let me know and I'll get the information to you.
For me, I have a couple of busy office days ahead of me before I can set my sights on relaxing again. I'm hoping that my weekend is going to include a Lake Trout trip on Saturday and Red Lake Walleyes on Sunday.

The ice fishing report in Northern Michigan is looking very positive. Most of the inland lakes in the area have consistently safe ice for anglers to venture out on. Our guides have been busy scouting and guiding anglers on a daily basis. Being that we have not seen the “arctic blast”, that we experienced the past two years, our guides have been focusing on smaller bodies of water. Walleye, Pike, Perch and Bluegill have been our main target species. It has been very nice to get out on good safe ice the past couple of weeks and we are very optimistic for February and March. Below is a list of lakes and their current ice conditions.

Ice Reports and Ice Fishing Reports

For ice fishermen, all leading indicators are positive as we enter the first week of the New Year.
Lakes continue to make ice as overnight temperatures linger in the 15 to 20 degree range. Daytime highs in the mid 20's allow anglers to fish in comfort and by most accounts; the fish have been cooperative too.
Travel conditions, while not ideal are good and getting better. Ice thickness now ranges between 8 to 12 inches depending on the lake you visit. Shallow water lakes are providing the best conditions while deeper waters are still lagging behind.
Driving to the hot spot on an ATV or snowmobile has become common, allowing anglers to reach further into fresh territory. Snow cover of 3 to 6 inches has provided just enough insulation to encourage the formation of slushy pockets like the ones we encountered this weekend.
The pockets of slush occurred wherever there had been previous fishing activity and ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report January 3, 2016


The fishing action was red hot in the morning and died off to nothing as we got into the afternoon. Pike was our quarry and we were able to catch 4 we had some bad luck and 3 came off but it was a good day and above all it was nice to get out and see some flags fly! This coming week will be pretty cold and that should bring us good ice all throughout the Adirondacks just in time for the MLK holiday weekend. Stay tuned to the blog for more ice fishing reports and be sure to stay safe out there!