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Ice Armor 8426 Jig Box, Small


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Today ice fishing tackle boxes and soft bags come in every size and shape imaginable, leaving the beginning angler a vast array of choices in finding one which is right for them. Starting you’re tackle box can seem challenging, but if you stick to the basics, you’ll be able to get started with no problems.

Keep a pair of nail clippers in your ice fishing tackle box to trim your fishing line. Learn more about ice fishing equipment in this ice fishing lesson from an experienced nature guide.

Ice Fishing Tackle Boxes: Frabill Tackle Bag

Wooden ice fishing tackle box : Lot 73

In the decision process of which ice fishing tackle box suits you’re needs, consider the purchase of expensive fishing lures and gear as an investment, which requires proper care and storage to be used for years to come. We have witnessed the unfortunate experience of anglers lack of maintenance and care of their tackle only to find the condition poor and unusable upon a preparation for a trip or on the water. It only takes a few necessary minutes to ensure proper care and storage.

It is a wise practice every year before the new fishing season or you’re first trip to re-spool new fishing line and grease the reels. It’s also time to wipe clean and organize your ice fishing tackle box. Replace any rusty hooks, and split rings on lures, go through and organize the terminal tackle, hooks, sinkers and bobbers. Time to add new lures you heard or read about for the upcoming season as well.