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2. After organizing you’re ice fishing tackle box the last thing you don’t want is the box opening on you spilling your tackle and lures out on the boat, dock or in the water. A tackle box should be able to handle the wear and tear of fishing and be strong. When buying a new box test the latch, make sure it closes tight. Tackle boxes with metal latches hold better than all plastic.

1. The size and function of your ice fishing tackle box should largely depend on your intended use. Muskie and Northern Pike fisherman will require a larger box to hold lure from 6 inches and up, while panfish anglers require a smaller box to hold terminal tackle and smaller lures.

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    There are numerous kinds of ice fishing tackle boxes, each having its own special advantages and design features. Here is a description of the most common types of tackle boxes

    It is a wise practice every year before the new fishing season or you’re first trip to re-spool new fishing line and grease the reels. It’s also time to wipe clean and organize your ice fishing tackle box. Replace any rusty hooks, and split rings on lures, go through and organize the terminal tackle, hooks, sinkers and bobbers. Time to add new lures you heard or read about for the upcoming season as well.