Stick Jacket Ice Fishing Rod Cover

16 Rod Storage Rack Holder Fishing Pole Stand Garage Organizer Space Saver, Designed To Holds Any Type of Rod or Hiking Sticks And Will Keep It Steady. By Wealers


Clam Power Stick Ice Fishing Combo - Rod & Reel Combos - Ice Fishing

The accompanying reel is lightweight, with a super-smooth retrieve thanks to 2+1 ball-bearings and infinite anti-reverse. Created specifically for ice-fishing applications, the Clam Dave Genz Power Stick Combo Ice fishing Rod delivers customized, aggressive results for all-winter, all-species ice fishing.

Thanks to a versatile multi-density construction, no fish is safe from the Clam Dave Genz Power Stick Ice fishing Combo Rod. No matter what lurks in the murky depths, you’re covered with this affordable, yet quality hard-water setup.

Frabill Stick Ice Fishing Tip Ups

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