Underwater Cameras for Ice Fishing

Eyoyo 50M 7" HD 800480p Monitor 1000TVL Infrared Underwater Camera Ice/Sea Fishing Fish Finder With DVR Recording + 4GB SD Card + Lights Control + Keychain


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The Marcum VS825SD Underwater Camera with 8 inch screen is considered as one of the best underwater camera for ice fishing. It is a US made camera for fishing that has an 8 inches big, innovative LCD display that is not just 3 times clearer than usual, but is changeable to color. It also provides you critical water evidence on display, and it can be adjusted to be used in saltwater. This camera features a Premium Sony color optics which has a Darkwater lighting tech and 75 inch Kevlar covered cable that can show you the world of underwater. It also comes with a Panner so that you can set sights on it wherever you want. Marcum used a Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3″ image sensor .01 lux camera with stabilizer fin and a 75-feet cable. Its display is absolutely waterproof and it features Video Out. This camera provides a super-rich image even on the sunniest and brightest days because of the solar sharp big deal 8 inches flat panel LCD display. The dimensions of this product measures 10 x 10 x 9.2 inches and weighs 14.8 pounds.

Fishing Tackle Water Wolf HD Underwater Camera by Okuma is one of the best underwater camera for ice fishing. Water Wolf Camera is an aligned underwater fishing HD camera that can provides a never seen before view. You can see you fish approach your bait. It has a high quality definition camera connects in a straight line in front of the trap or bait to provide fisherman a sight on how fish project and respond to its appearance.

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Eyoyo Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Camera
7 inch TFT color monitor$

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3.9 out of 5 Stars

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Marcum VS825SD Underwater Camera
8-inch Flat Panel$$$

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3.8 out of 5 Stars

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Okuma Fishing Tackle Water Wolf HD Underwater Camera

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3.3 out of 5 Stars

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Made by Eyoyo, this 7 inch Color LCD 600tvl Waterproof 15m Cable 4000mah Rechargeable Battery Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Camera with Carry Case is one of the best underwater camera for ice fishing. It is the most modern fashionable, beautiful and suitable Underwater Video Camera System you can use for ice fishing. It features a good sized colored screen with a high quality camera up to HD 1000 TV lines which makes it sharper than a camera with a 420TV lines. The camera contains a 6 high-power white light for its light source. All the 6 white lights are unconnected from camera to avoid the water entering the camera. This camera made by Eyoyo is operated by a lithium battery that can lasts up to 7 hours and more if it is being used nonstop. With all its great specs, this underwater camera is very light in weight (3.5 pounds) and its size (9.2 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches) is small which makes it very handy to bring wherever you want to go.

Camera/Lens- The most important thing to consider in choosing the best fishing camera is the camera or the lens itself. The kind of camera you will use will ascertain your adjustability in watching or taking a picture underneath the water. Always remember that it is always clearer to see the fish if the megapixels of the camera is higher. Since you will buy an underwater camera for ice fishing, make sure that the camera you will purchase is resistant to cold.